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What Type Of Oats Are Best For Flapjacks?

Which Oats Are Best For Flapjacks Whites Oats

Flapjacks are a delicious treat, easy to whip up and they can even withstand a good bashing in a coat pocket as you trek up a mountain. There are a few elements that go into what makes a great flapjack, and depending on personal preference you might prefer soft and chewy or a crunchy texture. Whatever your ideal flapjack looks like we are going to take a look at what makes the perfect flapjack and answer the question on everyone’s lips; what type of oats are best for flapjacks.

What are flapjacks?

Flapjacks are traditionally a British dessert that can be traced back to the 16th Century. They usually consist of oats, butter, brown sugar and golden syrup, and are often enjoyed as a breakfast or afternoon treat. The British definition of flapjack is not to be confused with USA flapjacks which is another word for pancakes. If pancakes are something you’re interested in then check out our blog on how to make healthy pancakes using oat flour.

What type of oats are best for flapjacks?

The type of oats that you use will result in a different texture of flapjack so this comes down to your personal preference. Rolled oats like our famous Jumbo Organic Oats are great for making flapjacks. Jumbo oats add a nice bit of crunch and more bite than other types of oats.

Whites Jumbo Organic Oats New

Quick oats like our Speedicook Porridge Oats also work well for flapjacks, the end product will result in a softer chewy texture in comparison to Jumbo Oats.

Speedicook Porridge Oats

What type of syrup to use for Flapjacks

Golden syrup is traditionally used for flapjacks but you can replace it with maple syrup, agave syrup, honey, or even treacle. For a healthier version you can also substitute the syrup for a mixture of dates and melted butter whizzed in a food processor.

How long do flapjacks last?

For plain flapjacks that don’t contain any fruit we recommend storing them in an airtight container for up to 1 week.

Flapjack Recipes

We’ve rounded up some of our favourite flapjack recipes using White’s Oats.

Dark Chocolate & Pear Flapjacks Recipe

These dark chocolate and pear flapjack uses just 6 ingredients - simple and delicious. The perfect treat for a little energy boost in the afternoon and the pear adds a nice little fruitines to the mix.

Pear Dark Chocolate Flapjacks

Maple & Pecan Flapjacks Recipe

This classic maple & pecan flapjack recipe is filled with crunchy pecans, bananas and a dark chocolate drizzle, these chewy squares make the ultimate teatime treat.

Maple And Pecan Flapjacks

Tips for making the best flapjacks

  • It is essential to grease and line your baking tray to make sure the flapjack mixture doesn’t get stuck in the tin once basked. The baking parchment will also make it easier to remove the flapjacks from the tin.
  • If you prefer a softer flapjack watch the oven closely and remove from the oven when the edges are golden. Overcooking will result in a crunchy, hard flapjack.
  • For a crunchy flapjack use a shallower baking pan and bake at a higher temperature.

Did you know that oats are a great source of protein? Check out our How much protein is in oats blog to see exactly how much, plus a great recipe for vegan oat flapjacks.

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