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How much protein is in oats?

How Much Protein Is In Oats Whites Oats

After the indulgence over the festive period January is a month when many of us want to try a health kick, such as getting back to the gym and exercising more. A very important aspect of any type of training is diet and nutrition. Most of us know the amazing health benefits of oats, from lowering cholesterol to helping to lower blood sugars. But did you know that oats are also an amazing source of quality, low-cost, plant-based protein. This is great news for anyone on a vegan diet, or for anyone who wants a nutrient filled breakfast to fuel their workouts.

How much protein is in oats?

Oats are a powerhouse of nutrition, packed full of fibre, protein for muscle support and essential fats for joint support. Porridge oats contain around 11-15% protein which equates to 11.1g of protein per 100g.

How Much Protein Is In Oats Macro Whites Oats

Why is protein important for training?

It is important that you get plenty of protein in your diet, especially when you are training as your body needs protein to repair and grow muscle that is broken down during exercise. Regular exercise will mean you need a little bit more protein than usual.

Oats are great for pre-workout and post-workout meals. Similar to whole grains, they provide tons of energy and are slower to be released, giving you that energy to power through your workout.

How can I get more protein into my oats?

Oats are the perfect base for a protein dense meal, you can easily add extra sources of plant based protein to oats like nut butters, chia seeds, flaxseed, chopped nuts, a scoop of protein powder or even an egg! Check out our delicious savoury breakfast porridge recipe to see how you can add eggs to oats for a filling, slow energy release breakfast.

Protein oat recipes to fuel your body

We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite protein oat recipes that not only pack a protein punch, but they also taste great!

Protein Training Bars Recipe

Team Joe Barr’s (World Endurance Cyclist) nutritionist, Jillian Mooney says they are a perfect complement to Joe’s nutritional package during those long cold hours on the bike and provide quick and tasty nourishment for the crew. They are packed full of nutrient dense ingredients like cranberries, pumpkin seeds, toasted pecans, oats and almond nut butter.

Protein Bar Image 2

Vegan Protein Oat Flapjacks Recipe

This vegan friendly recipe doesn’t include any refined sugars which makes the recipe a lot healthier than traditional flapjacks. Better still, they are packed full of natural plant based protein.

Vegan Protein Oat Flapjacks Made With Whites Oats New


These granola bars are the perfect work treat or back to school snack. Packed full of fruit and protein, they are guaranteed to give you an extra energy boost to get you through the day!

Healthy Granola Bars

Check out our Oaty Bounce Balls recipe to keep the hunger at bay and provide plenty of energy and to fuel your next workout.

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