White's Oats

Early 1900S
White's Oats founded 1841 in Tandragee, Co. Armagh
Thomas Henry White originally from Co. Waterford established the mill under T.H. White Miller, principally a corn and flour miller. The mill was powered by a vertical water wheel
Clarendon Mill And T H White
White's diversifies from simple corn and flour miller.
Flour milling was moved from Tandragee to Clarendon Mills, Henry Street Belfast where they also produced animal feed and flaked rice leaving Tandragee operation to focus on corn (oat) milling. The company began trading as T.H. White & Co.
Wafer Oats
White's patents its first rolled oat flake
The installation of new modern machinery created an opportunity for White’s to produce and patent a very thin rolled flake (first of its kind) which, as it was reported ‘holds the field, and stands unrivalled- conspicuous alike for purity, size of flake and flavour'.
Whites Tomkins Courage Mill
White's merges with Tomkins and Courage
White’s merged with Tomkins & Courage to become a huge modern enterprise trading as White’s, Tomkins & Courage. This charge was led by Thomas Henry White junior until his son Alwyn Henry White took over in 1930.
Speedicook Is Launched
Speedicook Oats is launched
White’s wafer oatmeal was extended to launch a Speedicook variant, a kibbled oat which was a quicker cooking flake which cooked in the same time as your kettle boiled. Launched in 1lb box, 2lb and 3.5lb bag
Willie Wafer
Willie Wafer
A fictional character Willie Wafer was created for White’s by local Belfast Artist William Connor and was used to market to children. His motto was ‘When you have tasted a dish of this delicious appetising porridge you will smack your lips with satisfaction’
Expansion of White's Tomkins & Courage
The ‘white line’ portfolio expanded to include Pickwick Brand, Jelly Crystals, White’s wafer oats, Speedicook, Pibroch Oats, Briskies Breakfast Flakes, Red Star Flour, Flavourings & essences, Clarendon Cattle Feed, Bakonal and Speedi Start for Pigs, Poulendo for chickens.
Whites Workers
White's Speedicook Ltd.
White’s begins trading as White’s Speedicook Ltd under helm of four local businessmen- Sam Cunningham, Jo Cunningham, Walter Smith and Maurice Taylor. During this time the speedicook brand prospered up and down the country.
Fv Logo
Fane Valley Ownership
Fane Valley, a local farmer’s co-operative contracted the business in 1990 and is still under their ownership today. Investment of £2.5m to rebuild the mill at Tandragee into a state of the art milling facility. Significant investment in NPD bolstered White’s portfolio of products.
Aerial View Of Mill Sept 15
Development of White's Oats Portfolio
Significant investment in NPD bolstered White’s portfolio of products, seeing them leading the charge once again as oat pioneers with an innovative and consumer focused product portfolio
Whites Range
Northern Ireland's market leading brand
Today a market leading and multi award winning porridge and oat cereal brand. From traditional and organic oats, to instant oats and ready to eat oat clusters and granolas, there really is an oat for everyone to enjoy