White's Oats

Health & Nutrition

Promoting Healthy, Active Lifestyles

Our vision is to motivate, equip and empower everyone to adopt a healthier and more active lifestyle by making it easy to switch to more nutritious and sustainable food choices. We have a track record in supporting local athletes and grass root community initiatives which advocates for the benefits of eating well and keeping active, including our partnership with world ultra-cyclist Joe Barr and the Armagh 5K international Road Race along with its sister race, the TJ Mc Elmeel Junior Clubs Race.


Delivering Positive, Quality Nutrition

White's has a rich heritage in delivering quality oats. For us it's all about the taste and we start with the belief that it tastes better when you know what goes into it, putting transparency and responsible sourcing at our core and empowering consumers to make the responsible choice both for their health and that of the planet. Incredibly rich in antioxidants and containing more soluble fibre than any other grain, oats help lower cholesterol levels, aid in lowering blood sugar levels and can even help you lose weight. It's also a very versatile grain able to be incorporated into everything from desserts to a main meal.


Achievements to Date

  • Donated 50 tonnes of porridge oats to support local charities fighting hunger and poverty
  • Extended our activation with Team Joe Barr partnership to align around our purpose


  • Continue to support local charities fighting hunger and food poverty, increasing annually the tonnes of product donated
  • Promote affinity led partnerships which align around our health & wellbeing purpose