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Perfect Overnight Oats Method


Overnight oats, also known as bircher muesli, makes the perfect summertime breakfast.

There are so many different recipes out there, but if you get the basics right, you can make it any which way you like.

Put your own twist on it and add your favourite fruits, nuts and spices to create something you’ll love.

Here’s how to make healthy and nutritionally balanced overnight oats to start your day:

1. Choose one from each column so that you have oats, protein, one of your five a day and some spices.

2. Combine your dry ingredients together and top with your favourite milk.

3. Pop into the fridge overnight.

4. Enjoy with a dollop of natural, greek or dairy-free natural yoghurt



One of your 5 a day (make it seasonal)

Get spicy

Your milk of choice

Start with 40-50g White’s organic jumbo oats or White’s Speedicook oats per person

Chia seeds

Chopped hazelnuts

Sunflower seeds

Flaked almonds

Coconut chips

Pumpkin seeds










Ground ginger


Mixed spice

Cow’s milk

Almond milk

Coconut milk

Almond milk

Hemp milk

Oat milk

Mix it up and use any combination you like

Fresh, baked or poached

Choose unsweetened if you are having a plant-based milk)

Peach, Chia & Hazelnut Overnight Oats

Check out my recipe for peach, chia & hazelnut overnights oats to get you started.

Hazelnut Chia Overnight Oats Resized

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