Health & Nutrition

Our ingredients are what make our products so healthy, from the humble oat bursting with unadulterated goodness to our nutritional packed seeds, nuts and fruits bursting with flavour. We’re passionate about taking time to source natural ingredients free from artificial flavourings, colourings and preservatives.

Missed Breakfast?

Missing the first meal of the day generally means we feel hungry by mid morning which sometimes leads us to snack on foods which are higher in fat and sugar and of course this has an effect on our weight.

People miss breakfast for a variety of reasons. One reason people constantly cite is that they don’t feel hungry in the morning and often this is because they eat more at night. People who eat very late or “binge eat” in front of the TV at night may be consuming a great number of calories and fat but little in the way of vitamins, minerals and fibre. If skipping breakfast is down to lack of time in the morning try White’s Toatly Oaty microwaveable instant sachets. These handy little sachets cook up in less than two and a half minutes and are very portable allowing you to take with you to work. Toatly Oaty is now available in new on the go pots which simply require adding hot water.

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