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Go, go, go, Joe. World Ultra Cyclist Joe Barr attempts to break his own world record for Malin-Mizen-Malin

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After months of lockdown World Ultra Cyclist Joe Barr will today attempt to break his own world record of 48hrs, 38mins, 47 secs to race from Malin-Mizen-Malin. At 4pm (Friday 3rd July) Joe will embark on his gruelling 738 mile journey no matter what the weather!

When Team Joe Barr announced its major sponsorship deal with White’s Oats in January of this year, Joe Barr, aged 61 was set for a year-long race calendar which would see him undertake fivephysically and mentally gruelling races on a global stage to compete for the most coveted title of all – ‘Overall World Cup Winner of Endurance Cycling. With the Covid-19 pandemic putting Joe’s plans for the year on hold he kept up his physical and nutritional programme knowing that when the time was right, he would be able to get back out on the bike and start breaking and making more world records, first stop being to break his own world record.

Ahead of the attempt Joe said,

“This year was meant to be a huge year for myself and my team but obviously when a global pandemic strikes there isn’t much anyone can do to change the situation quickly. With restrictions in place it might have been easy to let my fitness slip but being 61, I knew I had to persevere and come out of lockdown stronger and fitter than before. The last few months have proved to me the importance of loving and enjoying what you do and I have been raring to get back on my bike and challenge myself once again to reach even further and push myself harder. What better way to get back on the road than to attempt to break your own world record!’’

“To be able to get back to cycling on home soil is something I’m very grateful for, and the Malin to Mizen route is one that always excites me. From the most northerly point in Ireland to the most southerly point and back again, it’ll be a challenge but one that I am very ready for. The weather may not be in my favour, but I won’t let that change my mindset. I’m coming to the starting line on the back of a fantastic year last year, winning the World Ultra Cycling Association Cup for my age category (60-69), so I am delighted to be able to get back on track with this record breaking attempt with White’s Oat’s powering me as I go.”

Danielle Mc Bride, Brand Manager at White’s Oats, award winning Northern Irish porridge and oat cereal brand, comments:

“We couldn’t be happier that Team Joe Barr is ready to get back on the road after lockdown. Joe and his team had an amazing year in 2019, putting Irish cycling on the map globally and we were honoured to be a part of his journey. Joe’s commitment to excellence, performance and success has remained steadfast and we are delighted to have Joe as an ambassador for White’s. As a local company we want to help power the best of Northern Ireland and that is something we do through our sponsorship with Team Joe Barr to ensure that Joe meets his nutritional needs pre, post and during his cycles’’.

“We will be cheering Joe on every step of the way as he attempts to break his own world record and we wish him the best of luck for what will be a demanding but incredibly exhilarating ride!”

To follow Joe and the team’s journey full tracking is available at http://live.primaltracking.com...


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