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White’s Unveils New Recycling Porridge Bag at Tesco Taste Festival

Tesco Taste Announce New Recyc Pack

White’s participated in Tesco’s 10th Taste Festival, showcasing its porridge oats, granolas and mueslis. Ahead of the Festival, White’s who has been passionately milling oats since 1841 in Co. Armagh, was also honoured to have been named one of the top 10 iconic food brands in Northern Ireland, following  research carried out by Ulster University and commissioned by Tesco Northern Ireland.

Danielle Mc Bride, Brand Manager of White’s Oats said ‘’Tesco Taste provides an engaging platform for us to welcome shoppers and to talk to them about our products and the benefits of oats''.

With the increasing awareness about potential health impacts of too much sugar, salt and saturated fat and a heightened adoption of more healthy eating habits, Oats are nature’s superfood, 100% wholegrain and an excellent source of fibre, protein, vitamins and antioxidants. Authenticity and food transparency also rank highly on consumer’s decision making. According to Mintel’s Ethical Lifestyle report June 2018, 65% of all adults say they are trying to live more ethically than they were a year ago and, one area which is growing in priority is the use of plastic in foods with the EU having laid down a target of 50% of all waste being recycled by 2020.

White’s has just recently relaunched its Speedicook Porridge Oats and its award winning Organic Jumbo oats into a new recyclable paper bag, and unveiled the new packaging at the Taste Festival.

‘’Consumer recycling intentions are extremely positive; White’s has been taking proactive steps towards building an environmentally responsible image with our brand and the response from shoppers has been very welcomed’’, continues Danielle. ‘’The new packs carry a clear and unambiguous recycling logo on both the front and back of pack, bringing great clarity and appealing to those green minded consumers.’’

White’s is a registered member of the On Pack Recycling Logo Scheme (OPRL)


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