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Its Food First All the Way as White's Oats and Ulster Rugby Join Forces for Another Year

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Ulster Rugby get another season underway with a nutritional and healthy boost by partnering with award winning White's Oats. This is the third year of the partnership which sees White's as the official Breakfast and Porridge Supplier of the Ulster Rugby team.

White’s has been supplying the team with oats as part of Ulster Rugby’s Food First approach to performance nutrition since 2014. The partnership with White’s ensures that each player is getting the correct amount of complex slow release carbohydrates, protein, fibre, b vitamins and minerals to complement and enhance their performance both on and off pitch.

Key in any sport or physical activity is starting the day right and variety can ensure you get access to a wide range of nutrients on a daily basis to improve the nutritional value of meals and snacks. Oats are incredibly versatile and white’s range of porridge oats from quick cooking Speedicook oats to the larger coarser Jumbo Oats and the very finely milled Oat Bran provide a perfect base in which, not only to enjoy and consume oats in lots of different and exciting ways but also deliver a much need nutritional boost throughout the day. Meeting nutritional goals can be difficult with demanding work and sport schedules. Partnering with nutritionist Jane Mc Clenaghan from Vital Nutrition and Ulster Rugby’s Food First Nutritional Coach Jonny Davis; White’s new peanut and oat bars are a quick and convenient energy snack which can be eaten before or during training for a healthy boost.

Commenting on the partnership, Danielle Mc Bride Brand Manager at White’s Oats said "we understand the importance that a well-balanced and varied diet can have on a body’s performance. The link between good simple nutrition and what it can deliver in terms of health and wellness, sustaining energy levels and supporting a strong body is becoming more readily understood. Ulster Rugby’s Food First Nutritional Programme has a very clear message about ensuring that all dietary requirements are met from food and not from supplements. White’s brand message is also focused on producing nutritionally balanced oat cereals which taste good and enable consumers to pursue healthy active lifestyles. We’re continually looking at new products to complement our range and to help consumers conveniently meet their nutritional requirements alongside their busy schedules".
Nutritionist Jane McClenaghan speaking on the collaboration said, "White’s new peanut and oat bars are simple and easy to make, packed with slow release carbohydrates to refuel energy, protein for muscle support and essential fats for joint support".

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