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Do Your Bit NI: Sustainable Swaps That Make a Big Difference

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Hi, my name is Kellie and I’m a small business owner in Northern Ireland with a passion for sustainability.

Do Your Bit NI started in 2017 with the aim to raise awareness about plastic free alternatives so that we can all play our part in caring for our planet. I offer a range of products to help you make small swaps around the house especially in the kitchen, the heart of the home! This month, I am delighted to have teamed up with local oat miller and breakfast cereal producer White’s Oats to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Organic September, an annual campaign that raises awareness of the positive impact the organic sector has on climate, nature, and health.

Kellie Forbes

It is no secret that one of my favourite and one of the most versatile ingredients I use on the daily are oats. You can find me making oats for breakfast topped with fresh fruit and local honey, protein balls for my gym enthusiast husband and I, and a good ole fashioned batch of oatmeal raisin cookies. And that’s not all – I also use oats as part of my sustainable beauty routine…which I’ll tell you more about later!

Whether it is opting for organic, plastic-free, or locally sourced products, making small swaps is easier than you think – these are my top three choices that you can make this month and every month, that will make a significant difference.

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1. Choose Organic

It may seem like “organic” was just another trend people started following as we began to see the word organic on more products in stores. However, brands with proper certification, such as White’s Oats, are regulated by the Soil Association, and you can find the certified symbol on their packaging.

White’s Oats have been milling organic oats for over 20 years in Co Armagh NI! Choosing certified organic products is indeed better for your health as you can be certain they are packed with natural and unprocessed goodness.

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Opting for organic means choosing a product produced through a different type of farming system, that adopts some different methods and techniques, compared to conventional farming. Did you know that some of the products you find in supermarkets are commonly grown using synthetic artificial fertilisers and chemicals? However Organic food production is based on a more natural form of practices, conforming to a strict set of standards where no artificial chemicals or fertilisers can be used. When you opt for products from organic farmers, you are actively helping to reduce the amount of artificial chemicals being used on farms.

When you buy Organic Products from brands like White's Oats you are supporting the organic standards, that promote the use of natural products, systems and techniques, without the use of artificial fertilisers. White’s Oats have a strong Organic Grower base, whose focus is to grow high quality, organic oats, naturally, promoting and enhancing our wildlife and environment.

2. Choose Plastic-Free

It is as simple as this: less waste = less impact on our environment. When an item can be used or consumed without any leftovers then there is nothing to essentially throw away, making it zero waste. However, achieving zero waste isn’t always possible which is why I encourage people to simply do their bit. Nowadays, there is a wide selection of low-waste products available, making them a great option compared to those containing plastic. You can spot these options by looking at their labels. They are usually labelled plastic-free or eco-friendly and will require you to recycle it at the end of its use or by composting the packaging with food waste. Many foods and personal care products require some form of packaging to ensure the safety of the product. Opting for these low-waste options benefits both your well-being and the environment.

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I absolutely love that White’s Oats have pledged to make 100% of their packaging recyclable, reusable and/or compostable and they are well on their way to achieving this target.

Some other simple swaps you can make include:

  • Replace kitchen tin foil for a silicone baking mat when cooking or baking anything in the oven.
  • Ditch your plastic sponges and dish brushes for a bamboo, coconut or plant-based alternative that can be easily composted at home.
  • Take your oat snacks or homemade sandwiches on the go with one of our handmade reusable sandwich baggies.
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3. Choose Local

Opting for local products offers numerous advantages, foremost among them being the reduction of your carbon footprint. By reducing the distance a product travels, you reduce fuel emissions, air pollution and excess waste with additional wrapping required for sending orders in the post.

Another notable benefit is that supporting local businesses supports our economy and strengthens our community spirit! It creates and sustains jobs in our country. Ultimately, it ensures that money circulates within our local businesses and families, fostering a sense of community.

Thanks for doing your bit to learn about the small swaps you can make today that will benefit you, wildlife, and the environment! Whether you opt for certified organic products, plastic free alternatives or supporting your local businesses, you will be making a big difference.

Kellie Forbes

Owner of Do Your Bit NI

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