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Oats- A Powerhouse of Nutrition for Endurance Cycling

Joe Barr With Whites Oats

Look up the definition of endurance and it states 'the ability to endure a difficult situation without giving way'. For Joe Barr, he says ''it's not about how fast you go but that you keep on going''. Since coming on board as title sponsor of the Team Joe Barr 200, we certainly know that to be true. Joe is an Irish cycling legend who at 60 says he'll stop when the road has nothing new to teach him.

With such unwavering belief, stamina, resilience and energy, White's is delighted to add Team Joe Barr to its portfolio of sponsorships as title sponsor of the Race 200. The Team Joe Barr 200 takes place on 27th April and will welcome endurance cyclists from across Ireland and beyond- 200 miles of wild and unyielding roads await , sure to set the sportive cyclist apart from the endurance cyclist.

Nutrition as in any sport is Key to overall performance; and endurance racing is as much about the training build up as the race itself. Training for any endurance race can be gruelling; the early starts, the long distances and then the tougher harder rides to prepare the body; and without sufficient good nutrition in our diets our bodies can suffer.

When it comes to foods for training, you want all macros covered, macros being protein, fat, carbs and plenty of fibre. These will all help with giving you an abundance of energy for those long sessions, as well as helping with the recovery process after each one. As we know Oats are a powerhouse of nutrition, packed full of fibre, protein for muscle support and essential fats for joint support.

As well as their undeniable gamut of health benefits, crucially oats contain good slow releasing carbohydrates. Being able to stretch  out your carbohydrate reserves is an essential part of endurance cycling. You've got to think about drip feeding your body with energy during the training sessions and then throughout the race. Slow releasing carbohydrates are ideal for this. What exactly do 'slow releasing carbs do? They take the body longer to break down and convert into energy, they are often referred to as a 'complex carbohydrate'. What this basically means is your body will get the benefit of this slow release of energy over an extended period of time- perfect for those long cycles and distances.

Team Joe Barr will be using our award winning porridge oats for all of his pre-training diet, his race bars and for this epic 3000 mile Race Across America.


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