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What holds us back from reaching our goals?

What Holds Us Back From Reaching Our Goals Blog 1

We strive for many goals in life - jobs / promotion, new house, new car, even dream holidays!

Many of us have health & fitness related goals but many always stall or “wait for the right moment to start”! In truth there is never going to be a right moment to start, if you wait for the right moment you’re holding yourself back from getting even one step closer to your goal.

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Here are some reasons we hold OURSELVES back

In starting your fitness journey celebrate the stepping stones along the way - yes it’s great to visualise the end goal, but seeing that and realising the hard work involved can sometimes be overwhelming and off putting.

Find out what you enjoy doing

If you’re starting from scratch find something you enjoy doing, if you don’t like going to the gym then don’t feel you need to go in order to get fit! There are so many other ways to get fit and healthy; walking, cycling, swimming, yoga, pilates or even going for a light jog are all alternatives from actually going to the gym! Obviously if you enjoy the gym or a class then absolutely go - start slowly and build it up week by week.

Build up your activity level slowly

You could aim for one workout in the first week or two, then slowly build up your activity levels until you’re doing 3-4 sessions per week - these small stepping stones are worthwhile celebrating and will give you a sense of accomplishment and keep you motivated along your journey.

There is no perfect time to start

Remember there is no “perfect” moment to start - you just have to make a commitment to yourself and take action to start.

About Ian Young

Ian Young is one of the leading figures in Northern Ireland’s health and fitness industry with over 25 years’ experience.

Ian’s journey started at the tender age of 15 when he had a work experience placement through school with the legendary Olympic pentathlete Lady Mary Peters LG CH DBE DStJ. This was his first taste of the Health & Fitness Industry and he knew that was the industry in which he wanted to progress. Further placements with Dr Mike Bull, another Commonwealth & Olympic athlete further cemented Ian’s desire to help people achieve their goals through health, fitness and wellbeing.

His first job was with Mary Peters in her gym on Railway Street in Lisburn, this was the perfect grounding for Ian to develop his early skillset in the Health & Fitness Industry.

For well over a decade Ian has been running one of the largest and most popular Bootcamp / Group Training sessions in Ireland.

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