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White's Oats Partners as Title Sponsor of the Team Joe Barr 200 Race Series

Joe Barr

''The mighty and humble oat, a key addition to any performance nutrition plan'', says Jillian Mooney, Nutritionist for Team Joe Barr. 

White's are delighted to add Team Joe Barr to their portfolio of sponsorships this year. We will be partnering with Team Barr as title sponsor of the Team Joe Barr 200  happening on 27th and 28th April and bronze title sponsor of Race Across America (RAAM), a gruelling 3000+ miles race across America. Both these races are classed within what's known as Endurance Racing and this is where Joe comes into his own. At 59, Joe is an Irish legend and cycling champion with a string of world titles to his name. 

Cycling has been growing in popularity in recent years famed for its physical and mental attributes. Not only can it improve joint mobility and muscle strength, it can help reduce stress and improve overall cardiovascular fitness. No wonder it's become a sport of the many and not the few. 

Oats are the original superfood, packed with lots of key nutrients, protein for muscle support and essential fats for joint support. Crucially they contain good slow releasing carbohydrates, which keeps blood sugar levels steady and you fuelled for longer, perfect for long endurance races. Team Joe Barr will be using our award winning Jumbo Organic Oats for his pre-training and race bars and our Speedicook oats in his epic 3000 mile Race Across America. 

Jill adds 'for the toughest race in the endurance calendar we're not leaving anything to chance, if you want quality performance, then you need quality oats. Remember it's not what you put on your oats that counts, it's what oats you put in'' 


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