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Pin down healthy breakfast habits during lockdown

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Eating during lockdown

Lockdown has been a huge adjustment for many and with that adjustment has come increased pressure on our interaction with food. Stress first and foremost can push people towards over eating as we seek out comfort foods during this time of uncertainty. Boredom, another result of enforced lockdown can result in greater energy intake by way of increased carbohydrates and fats. In a sense, carbohydrate rich foods can be a way of self-medicating against stress. Many of us may be experiencing disturbed sleep or interrupted sleep as a result of heightened anxiety, which in turn can lead to a greater food intake and greater intake of nutrient deficient foods.

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Now more than ever our mood is being adversely affected by our situation and therefore it’s important we consumer foods containing or promoting serotonin.

Locking down healthy habits

Being at home means you have more control over your environment and it’s easier to control good habits when you are in control, in your own environment. All too often we are rushing round with no time and so the temptation to skip breakfast for example and pick up snacks on the go is greater. Now that we have more control over our time, use that to your advantage and adopt good habits with food that will stay with you long after the lockdown has lifted. One easy habit to get into the way off is making time for a proper breakfast. It’s widely publicised that if you have a nutritious and nourishing breakfast, you’ll be less inclined to reach for sugary snacks mid-morning.

A bowl of porridge is guaranteed to get your day off to a good, healthy start, it has an incredible range of benefits including, keeping you fuller for longer and also acting as an immune system booster to keep you fit and healthy. Oats are also a good source of vitamins and minerals including vitamin E and vitamin B6 which produces serotonin - the happy hormone. They are also a hugely versatile, delicious and energy-packed ingredient that can be used in a range of meals and snacks throughout the day. Visit our recipes page


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