White's Oats

Go Flippingly Oaty with these moreish Oat Pancakes courtesy of Nibbles 'n' Scribbles

Jumbo Oat Pancakes

Oat Pancakes with maple syrup, cacao sauce and chocolate chips (dairy free)

We all know the benefits of eating oats and as Pancake Tuesday beckons we can once again look forward to having a little fun with our porridge oats. So, let's get cracking with this healthy (it's dairy free) and moreish oaty pancake recipe and taste the journey with White's Oats.

This recipe uses both our award winning Jumbo Organic Oats and our granola hazelnut, almond & honey, perfect pairing with maple syrup and cacao sauce.

You'll need the following-


100g White Jumbo Organic Oats

200 ml soya milk

2 tsp apple cider vinegar

3tbsp maple syrup


  1. Blend all ingredients until smooth
  2. Fry a ladle full at a time in coconut oil until golden
  3. Drizzle over maple syrup and scatter on chocolate chips
  4. (Optional) Make a chocolate sauce by mixing together plain soya yoghurt, cacao powder and maple syrup

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