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Fat Loss and being “Carb Sensitive”

Fat Loss And Being Carb Sensitive Blog 2

When it comes to fat loss the majority of people actually believe or convince themselves they are “Carb Sensitive”, that’s a bold statement - but sadly it’s still true, a lot of people, both male and female are still afraid of carbs, they’ve been demonised for so many years!

In my opinion I believe there are a lot less people who are TRULY carb sensitive than all those who “think” they are!

I’ve found with the correct approach you can still get pretty lean with keeping carbs in, and in keeping them in I mean at a very healthy moderate to high level - BUT it’s also worth noting “some” people will respond better to a lower carb / high fat diet, for example an endomorph body type can respond well to this diet approach.

For those I have spoken to who believe they are “carb sensitive” there has been one common trait, pretty much all have a severe lack of quality fibre in their diets. I’ve spoken about this on numerous occasions and just how important fibre is to our overall health.

In short - fibre helps to blunt the insulin response per meal, it improves your body’s ability to break down carbohydrates properly thus using them as a ready supply of energy.

I’ll talk a little more about this in our blogs with Whites Oats but take the point above - if you feel you’re carb sensitive have a REALLY good look at your fibre intake.

Don’t be afraid of carbs, they are an extremely important macronutrient, and we should all (obviously some exceptions for some individuals apply) embrace them and not continually demonise them!

About The Panelist

Ian Young is one of the leading figures in Northern Ireland’s health and fitness industry with over 25 years’ experience.

Ian’s journey started at the tender age of 15 when he had a work experience placement through school with the legendary Olympic pentathlete Lady Mary Peters LG CH DBE DStJ. This was his first taste of the Health & Fitness Industry and he knew that was the industry in which he wanted to progress. Further placements with Dr Mike Bull, another Commonwealth & Olympic athlete further cemented Ian’s desire to help people achieve their goals through health, fitness and wellbeing.

His first job was with Mary Peters in her gym on Railway Street in Lisburn, this was the perfect grounding for Ian to develop his early skillset in the Health & Fitness Industry.

For well over a decade Ian has been running one of the largest and most popular Bootcamp / Group Training sessions in Ireland.

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