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Celebrate World Porridge Day- Good for your health, Good for your Mood, Try Our Autumn Inspired Porridge Recipes

Vanilla Porridge With Brown Sugar And Berries V2

Got your wooden spoon ready? World Porridge Day is here and in these misty-moist autumnal days, when everyone is sniffling around you, it’s porridge you need, to banish the lurgy, to boost your spirits and to brighten the dark mornings.

You can eat porridge every day of course, NOT JUST on World Porridge Day – and with a bit of imagination, Instagram inspiration and a steady supply of ingredients you can eat a different type of porridge every day.  But World Porridge Day is a special day to take a closer look at porridge: that amazing, life-enhancing (and life-changing), good-for-your wallet, nutritious meal

Oats are a natural superfood, 100% wholegrain and an excellent source of fibre, protein, vitamins and antioxidants. Naturally high in soluble fibre, oats support digestion and gut health and with a low GI index, they also keep us fuller for longer, helping to keep snacking at bay.  

Taste the Journey with us…and try out our comforting sweet and savoury oat recipes and pay homage to the humble oat


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